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  • Interior Consultation

    You like the interior of your house, but feel still something is missing.
    You might already have specific questions about this. SVD will support you and help you decide what would work the best in your personal living environment. We provide advice on the spot on improvements to your decor.

  • Interior design +

    This advice is similar to interior design but goes a bit further. The benefit of this option is that Studio Van Doorn has relationships with many furniture shops. Specifically, we define the outlines together, then we create technical drawings and make arrangements with our partners. This enables us to make favourable arrangements for you

  • Interior design

    After an initial interview at your home, we will gather together the basic components for your new interior. We deliver the design in two phases:
    *Presentation of the preliminary design according to your wishes and requirements
    *Final design in the form of an attractive book

  • Construction supervision

    For construction supervision, Studio Van Doorn can act as the middle man between you and the contractor. We arrange the contracting parties, monitor the design and ensure that the design on paper becomes a reality

  • Styling

    In addition to offering design services to private and business customers, Studio Van Doorn also provides styling advice. This ranges from providing colour tips to selection and arrangement of furniture, as well as lighting, decorations, art, and other interior objects

  • Freelance

    Studio Van Doorn also carries out freelance work such as providing design advice, trend watching, creative brainstorming, furniture design or setting up displays.

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On March 9, 2015

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