London office MediaMonks

Media Monks needed a new office in London. This Global creative production company had a list of requirements but they need also some quirky interior design. There is a custom made gin bar in the social area and also some recycled Streetlight, the lights can switch color. And of course more Dutch design. Media Monks created even a interactive room. That all in a modern office in that used to be an old Victorian warehouse in London.

January 5, 2020

We transformed an old Victorian warehouse into an modern office in London. Requirements:
Renovated ‘old building’ – London style’ concept
  • Authentic features.
  • New office should be 450-500 m2 or 4800 -5500 sqf.
  • Development – flexible/agile desks with standing desks.
  • Smart meeting rooms (flexible/slidable walls)
  • 1 boardroom that could accommodate 15 seating people, flexible.
  • Reception with waiting area for guests that doesn’t overlook the rest of the team.
  • Out of earshot
  • Kitchen with appliances for proper lunches/dinner.
  • Area where we can have lunch and also work/hang out.
  • Showers facilities for cycling or running to work and toilets
  • Secure storage for bikes

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